Sex Facts and Myths

Sex Facts and Myths

Revelations that ‘oral sex can cause cancer’ by Hollywood actor Michael Douglas and that ‘Unsafe sex has caused an increase in STI’s in the young’ in the Metro rocked our worlds this week and perhaps our sex lives.

Whilst sex education at school was a long time ago for me and more of a clueless giggle-fest than what I would say educational, I’m pretty sure I took on broad the basics of contraception and STDS. However, I will still pretty shocked at Michael Douglas’s admission even though I consider myself a fairly body conscious and sexually aware individual. Papers have gone back and forwards claiming this is a myth but doctors have admitted that whilst smoking and drinking are key factors that oral sex can still put you at risk. So should we all be taking our sex lives a bit more seriously and more importantly our health?

sex-educationWe’ve taken a look at some interesting sex facts and myths we think you should know:

Wearing two condoms is better than one
MYTH – If you’re worried about the condom breaking go for Extra Safe condoms or ones that offer the best fit for your guy’s member.

You can get pregnant through oral sex
MYTH – Now this one you definitely should remember from school!

Women reach their sexual peak at 28 whereas men do at 18.
FACT – This can vary slightly in individuals but most women’s oestrogen levels surge in their mid to late twenties whilst men get a big dose of hormones in their late teens.

Women achieve orgasm more easily with a penis
MYTH – A previous study has suggested that women always or nearly reached orgasm whilst having ‘alone time’ with themselves! But don’t worry if you’re in a relationship as the same study reported that most women in relationships are happy with the frequency of their orgasms.

Most people in the UK lose their virginity after 16
FACT – 70% of Boys and 75% of girls wait till they are over 16 to have sex (NHS figures).

The vibrator was created to help women climax
MYTH – It was actually invented by doctors in the 1800s to medically treat women suffering from hysteria a sexual dysfunction! Who knew this was a medical condition?

FactvsFictionDrinking coffee can make a man’s sperm taste bitter
FACT – This is true, so you might want to tell your man to skip the coffee if you’re in for a night of oral play.

If you don’t have a condom you can use cling film or a crisp packet
MYTH – Don’t even think about it! We’re not even sure where this one came from but it definitely doesn’t work so don’t go there unless you want to end up in A&E.

You can catch an STI on a toilet seat
MYTH – You cannot catch an STI from a toilet seat, sexually transmitted diseases are caused by unprotected sex and through sharing sex toys with someone who has an STI.

You can get pregnant whilst on your period.
FACT – You can get pregnant at any time during your period if you do not use appropriate forms of contraception.

You always get symptoms if you have an STI
MYTH – You don’t always notice symptoms if you have an STI. In fact most people with Chlamydia in particular show no symptoms at all. So always get tested if you think there is the slightest chance you might.

Premature ejaculation is “the most common form of sexual dysfunction in younger men”
FACT – Premature ejaculation affects around 20 – 30% of men of all ages.

If a man pulls out before he ejaculates you can’t get pregnant
MYTH – Men tend to leak sperm when they’re excited, so whilst you may think your safe if he pulls out before the big finale the chances are that he’s already left some of his team in there!

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