How Best to Clean and Store Your Sex Toys

How Best to Clean and Store Your Sex Toys

One of the most important pieces of advice we liked to give all our customers is to always, always, always wash your sex toys before and after use. Not only can this help maintain your sex toy but it also can protect you from nasty infections or sexually transmitted diseases, which is particularly important if you are thinking of sharing your sex toy. In addition, be sure to check your toys to make sure there are no rips or cracks which could injure yourselves or trap bacteria that cannot be cleaned properly.

Most sex toys should come with advice as to how best to clean and store them but if not here are some handy tips on how to clean your sex toys properly:

clean-your-toysSharing Sex Toys

If you are planning on sharing a sex toy with a partner, or want to have a little fun from front to back then it is really important that you clean it first. Another way to remain safe and protected is to use a condom over your toy and change it when changing your area of activity.

What not to use with your sex toys

All our sex toys are made from good quality materials that work best with water-based lubricants. Silicone lubricants can also be used on glass or metal toys but never with silicone as they can be very damaging to the material over time. We also strongly encourage you to avoid using any products with creams, oils, or cleansers using alcohol or acetone.

Rubber/ Jelly

Rubber and jelly sex toys are porous and can trap dirt and bacteria so we would recommend using a condom with these. You can clean these toys using either a gentle anti-bacterial soap and water or our Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner. Make sure all the soap or cleaner is removed and let air dry or wipe with a soft cloth.


Unlike Jelly or Rubber Sex Toys, silicone is nonporous and does not absorb bacteria in the same way. You can clean silicone toys with a gentle anti-bacterial soap and water or perhaps our Nomi Tang Toy Cleaner? Also if your silicone toy is not battery operated or containing an electrical system you can boil for about two minutes or put in a dishwasher. Let air dry or wipe with a soft cloth.

Glass and Metal

Our glass sex toys are made from body-safe hypoallergenic glass that is nonporous and completely safe to use on your lady parts. However, we’d still advise you to always check your toy before and after use just to be extra safe.
Our metal sex toys are made from the finest steel and again are nonporous and extremely hygienic to use.
Wash with either warm water and anti-bacterial soap or perhaps our Toy Joy Cleaner Spray. Glass and metal toys without electrical compartments can also be boiled or put in the dishwasher. Let air dry or wipe with a cloth and store in a cool dry place.

Storing your Toys

When it comes to storing your toys there is no right or wrong way. Some toys come with cute little drawstring bags and discreet boxes but others simply come ready to use in plastic packaging. If this is the case we would recommend buying some kind of storage bag, anything from one you use to store your sunglasses to a sealable sandwich bag will do. Just remember to keep your toys separate from each other and make sure that they are completely clean and dry when you store them.

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