About Us

Ohtique is an online erotic boutique for modern women retailing a select range of hand-picked sex toys, erotic gifts and accessories.

Small, but perfectly formed we try to do things a little differently and work hard to find the latest products and lines that our customers would enjoy whatever their budget and taste. With millions of sex toys out there on different sites it can sometimes feel a little daunting making a decision on what you really want, at what price and where from, especially if you’re new to the wonderful world of sex toys. That’s what got us thinking, why don’t we provide a service of personally hand-picked goods that we as women think would appeal to the majority of women in today’s society.

We’re not saying we want to change everyone’s attitudes to sex toys but we would like to present them in a way that you wouldn’t feel ashamed to tell your friends, partner or even family. Or even recommend? After all sex is only natural so we intend to celebrate it, in all it’s forms.

With high-end luxury ranges such as Jimmy-Jane to mid-range Nomi Tang, and budget options such as Toy Joy you can rest assured that we have done our research and have selected only the best for our online collection. What’s more is that we have a ‘Chosen because’ section on each product giving you our personal reasons why we think this product is good enough to be on our site.

We know how important customer service and experience is so will bend over backwards to make sure you have the best possible experience with us, and if you don’t like what we’re selling, let us know and we’ll take note.

So take a peek at our site and hopefully you’ll find that little something to add a touch of sexy inspiration and erotic pleasure to your life!